Monday, March 7, 2011

Deepam Annual Day - Contribution / Donation

Hello Friends,

Deepam 3rd Anniversary Celebration is on 19th March ( Saturday ). We will have events / performances by the children , followed by certificate / medal distribution to the children.

We are looking for sponsors / Donors for this event - The donation / sponsorship will be used for
  1. Certificates / Medals for children - 15k
  2. Transportation of children from school to event venue / back - 10k
  3. Food / Snacks -5k
  4. Venue cost - 5k
  5. Misc ( audio / projectors etc ) - 5k
The contributions could be any amount. Please mail , if you are interested in contributing for this event.


1 comment:

Eat,Eaat,Eaaat said...

Congratulations on the ocassion Deepam ! will be more than happy to sponsor for the food/snacks for this event.

Our contact info is in our site and please feel free to contact us and let us know the process to make this sponsor happen.

Good luck !